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7 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Chris and Maria Jeantet

You may have noticed that many real estate agents take a transactional approach to sales – identifying clients, closing the deal, and then moving on...

You may have noticed that many real estate agents take a transactional approach to sales – identifying clients, closing the deal, and then moving on...

Oct 30 3 minutes read

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal! If this part of your home makes a great first impression, potential homebuyers will want to see what's inside! We've compiled a list of 7 ways to add curb appeal to your home.

1. Create an Instant Garden

This is a quick and affordable idea to create a welcoming feel for your home. You can buy ready-made containers from garden centers, or even create your own!  There are so many options with this idea - hanging plants or flower baskets, potted cacti or succulents, window-boxes with colorful flowers, etc. The sky's the limit!

2. Add Outdoor Art

This is a fantastic way to take your curb appeal to the next level. Choose pieces that complement the exterior and style of your home. Some great suggestions include birdbaths, wind chimes, sculptures, statues, etc. Make sure to select pieces that are weather resistant. Fountains are also a wonderful idea. Not only are they appealing to look at, but the burbling sounds can soothe on hot days.

3. Renew Paint, Siding and Trim

If your home is in need of an exterior facelift, try a new coat of paint, replacing the siding or adding new trim. Obvious defects can turn away potential homebuyers and downgrade the aesthetic of your home. Keep up on maintenance and always make sure your home is looking its best. This is the surest way to add curb appeal.

4. Build a Walkway

The key to a well-designed walkway is to make it feel warm and inviting. Try replacing a straight concrete path with a contoured one made of stone or brick. Or, for a simpler solution, apply a colored concrete resurfacer, then edge with brick or stone borders. Either of these options offers a classic beauty to the landscape of any home.

5. Make a Grand Entry

A creative and clever way to add curb appeal on a small budget is to dress up your doorway. Add welcoming accents, such as a seasonal wreath or doormat. Try giving your front door or trim a fresh coat of paint. There are so many ways to draw attention to your entry way!

6. Do a Mailbox Makeover

Mailboxes can reflect and complement the homeowners personality. Choose a mailbox that works well with your home's trimmings, or paint the wooden post to match the house's exterior color, tying them both together nicely. You could even go a step further and surround it with beautiful flowers.

7. Replace Old Hardware

Adding style and interest to your home's curb appeal can be as simple as replacing the house numbers or exterior lighting. Make sure nothing looks out-of-date or dingy. Decide on the aesthetic you wish to convey, and replace pieces to suit that aesthetic. Everything should function collectively, rather than looking mismatched. 

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